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Koster Koster
Sun Sep 30 21:13:04 New Zealand Daylight Time 2001

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>> It is good to see "infinite ladders" and "many ladders of
>> advancement" from the Laws validated by psychology. ;)
> By RATS you mean?
>   (Hmm... that "rats in a cage" message JCL forwarded to the list
>   comes to mind)
> Which illustrates that status quo is more about designing
> primitive impulse-response style traps than designing complex
> worlds fulfilling uncovered needs of semi-intelligent human
> beings, i.e. giving them more rather than a replacement, as in
> empowering rather than entrapment. ;)

Well, if you believe the behavioral psych people, there is no
difference, right? :)

Seriously, though--even if you do provide such a world, research
seems to indicate that if there is no feedback mechanisms, people
won't pursue the activities. Even the crudest simplest DikuMUD
derivative offers more than just the hjunt for XP, yet many seem to
prefer the shallow experience the game rewards over the richer
experience that the game doesn't acknowledge.  Seems to me that it's
a good thing, making use of these tools in order to open the
players' eyes to the complex world and unfulfilled need you cite.

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