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From: "Brian Hook" <bwh at wksoftware.com>
> At 11:07 AM 9/28/01 +0200, Hans Henrik Stærfeldt wrote:

>> However, i see no problem in someone writing a 'keep close'
>> network sniffer that controls N-1 utterly defenseless ships with
>> expert trader-mules. Then let it be controlled by the real
>> crack-shot ace in his fighter. When the goods are sold, by the
>> expert mule traders, the funds/resources is transferred to the
>> fighterpilot.

> The problem is that those expert mule traders will have to be
> friends (due to the one ship/character per server limit),

How do you plan on enforcing this?  Rather, what is to prevent one
person from making several characters and playing them as if their
primary character controlled all the ships commanded by the various
characters (i.e.  in concert with one another)?

Just curious,

Never use brute force in fighting an exponential.
      -- Andrei Alexandrescu, "Modern C++ Design"

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