[MUD-Dev] Geometric content generation

John Buehler johnbue at msn.com
Mon Oct 1 16:05:07 New Zealand Daylight Time 2001

Adam Martin writes:
> From: "Brian Hook" <bwh at wksoftware.com>

>> Players will be able to exchange funds and goods, however one key
>> element is that players can have only one character.  The primary
>> reason for this is that you never really make an unalterable
>> choice during your character's evolution -- you can stop being a
>> trader and become a fighter pilot if you'd like, with no real
>> negative hit.  The typical reason to have multiple characters per
>> game are to A.)  experiment with different play styles and B.)
>> have mules =)

> Given previous discussions on how hard it is to prevent people
> simply opening new accounts, how do you propose to make it
> undesirable enough that few enough people do so?

I'm not picking on Adam specifically, but I notice that folks seem
to be more interested in dissecting the idea on the basis of finding
holes in the intended implementation.  I happen to be on the
'single, flexible character' bandwagon and was wondering if folks
consider it desireable or not, regardless of whether it can be
implemented well right now.

Is it enough to make it more difficulty to mule?


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