[MUD-Dev] RP in EQ?

Vincent Archer archer at frmug.org
Tue Oct 2 10:13:55 New Zealand Daylight Time 2001

According to Daniel.Harman at barclayscapital.com:

> Its going to be a horrible fusion of people who like the new rule
> set (which has some merit), and roleplay extremists who think
> roleplaying is sub pulp-fantasy application of 'thees', 'thous'
> and 'prithees'.
> It makes me shudder.

It looks like a meld of Siege Perilous-esque ruleset with that
horror of horror, the AD&D alignments resurrected.

Alas, the evils have a field day again: Ogres make the best
warriors, Dark Elves make the 2nd best casters (and even that is
hotly debated), and passable clerics (not the best), their
alignments are compatible, and they start with a common langage
("Dark Speech") that is not the "Common" which was removed (I hope
Verant remember this, but I haven't seen it mentioned, so it might
have slipped in).

Looks like the Zek servers all over again.

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