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Derek Licciardi kressilac at home.com
Tue Oct 2 19:49:16 New Zealand Daylight Time 2001

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> From: Brian Hook

> If you have Trabish the Trader and Fiollar the Fighter
> cooperating, then as far as "the system" is concerned they're
> playing the game "correctly".  I don't care if it's actually just
> one player controlling two characters.  And there's no real
> unbalancing effect, because if the Trabish character is funnelling
> all money into Fiollar, Trabish becomes less viable.  They can't
> have a stable of ships or a shared bank, and reselling equipment
> generally will be at a high depreciation so buying/reselling on
> demand won't be optimal either.

You're assuming that Fiollar uses every bit of his money and never
has enough money to fulfill his needs.  What I would find more
likely is that one of the characters would be maintained just as
much as is required by the game to keep the character viable.  Any
additional funds would then get funneled into the main character to
provide that character with an inflated revenue source.  I should
define revenue as anything in game that is transferable and has
value.  In this sense you have not completely stopped what you are
thinking you will stop and the unbalancing effect is still very
real, because at that point if you don't have an Alternate
character, you are at a disadvantage.  I am not convinced that your
approach will stop what you say it will.


ps I often find that the rules we set for our world are not broken
when they are turned on or off or used all or nothing but more often
they are broken and loopholes found when one applies the rules
partially in one way or another.  Call it my "all"/"never" test.  If
you use the words in your rule, you're likely making a false

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