[MUD-Dev] in-game vs web-based boards (was: Geometric content generation)

Xuri xuri at sensewave.com
Tue Oct 2 22:55:35 New Zealand Daylight Time 2001

From: Koster, Raph=20

>> Personally, I'm not sure I want voice comms in games. My
>> computers are in the living room, and if I was to talk to them, I
>> think my girlfriend would probably kill me ;)

> Imagine the mixed voice/text world, where you see people saying
> things to one another, but all you get is an icon indicating they
> used voice. You have no way to reply in kind... :)

That's easy (*cough*) to fix. Voice -> Text support =3D)

-Geir Ove Alnes aka Xuri
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