[MUD-Dev] Request for ideas

Dickinson Dickinson
Wed Oct 3 09:25:55 New Zealand Daylight Time 2001

Hans Henrik St=E6rfeldt wrote:

>Neat, this would also cover bets;
>   if it rains before midnight, Nov. 30
>   {=20
>      Bubba gives Boffo 10 gold
>   }else{
>      Buffo gives Bubba 10 gold
>   }

These contracts seem to be, at their root, new game rules.  The only
difference is that they are personal rather than global.  A game
could be run like this, but with tiered "contracts" that could be
accepted or rejected by larger groups of people.

Essentially, this would be an interactive, persistent Nomic variant.
Players could propose new contracts (or rules or laws or whatever
you want to call them), and have a subgroup agree to it (an
Individual, a Group, a Guild, the World, etc.) agree to it.  It
could be made democratic, with majority rule, if need be.

Need to clearly define parameters of what kinds of laws can and
cannot be proposed to/accepted by what types of subgroup, and you
might have to make *reset* the world a few times at the beginning
when your exploit-freaks succeed in proposing and passing
horrifically unbalanced rules.

Has this been done before?  Actual game rules being decided

Dallas Dickinson
ddickinson at soe.sony.com
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