[MUD-Dev] in-game vs web-based boards (was: Geometric content generation)

Adam Martin ya_hoo_com at yahoo.com
Wed Oct 3 11:03:24 New Zealand Daylight Time 2001

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>>>   a) Limit number of posts someone can make to one a day.

>> Well, I wholeheartedly abhor this idea, primarily because when I
>> myself tend to hit messageboards, it's generally in flurries of
>> 10 or 15 messages at a time, and then I tend to relurk for
>> significant periods of time.  Even my activity here on mud-dev
>> follows a similar pattern, although its usually bursts of 2 or 3
>> instead of 10 or 15. :)

>> And actually, I suspect this behavior is a lot more common than
>> you might think.

> Thats why I suggest it. People who spam with ill written flames
> tend to do the same. If they have one shot at it a day, then a) it
> cuts down volume b) they might think about the content a little
> bit more before hitting post.

> Fifteen messages on one topic in a day is simply too much,
> especially when most of them are just 'bump'. Furthermore, if it
> takes you 20 mins to write your 3 posts, its going to take someone
> 3-5 mins to read them properly.  Thats a big expectation when you
> consider everyone else has the right to post.

Copy /., and make ratings of posts have an automatic effect on all
subsequent post made by the same person, and set display thresholds
for the players (which they can bump upwards if they wish to see
less trash)?

Rather than not displaying low-rated messages, below a certain
threshold make them appear in a separate section all of their own at
the end of the page; I'm pretty sure that gagging complainers would
just incite them to more extreme measures. Also, perhaps they'll get
bored of only ever having replies to their messages that are equally
vitriolic/inflammatory/pointless ("bump, bump")/etc.

Adam M.
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