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Koster Koster
Wed Oct 3 16:47:56 New Zealand Daylight Time 2001

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> From: Freeman, Jeff
>> From: holding99 at mindspring.com [mailto:holding99 at mindspring.com]
>> One concept I would like to see challenged is that a closed
>> ecosystem cannot be created such that players will not destroy
>> said ecosystem by killing anything that moves.
> I agree, I'd like to see that, too.
>> Not that I have any ideas to help you proceed. :)
> Begin with the assumption that players will kill anything that
> moves, and work from there. :P

A long long time ago I received an email from a person who was an
ecologist and he said it WAS a solvable, and even SOLVED problem, in
the field of ecological simulation. Among the tidbits he mentioned
was that increasing the reproduction rate of a population under
heavy predation has been shown to increase the speed with which that
population goes extinct.

I have the email around somewhere. And whenever I get back to
working on large-scale ALife simulations in muds, I'm going to do
some research first.  :)

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