[MUD-Dev] Request for ideas

Nicolai Hansen nic at aub.dk
Thu Oct 4 09:21:11 New Zealand Daylight Time 2001

Quote "Freeman, Jeff" <jfreeman at soe.sony.com>:

> Begin with the assumption that players will kill anything that
> moves, and work from there. :P

A good approach could be to consider why players kill anything in
sight.  If you ask -me- it is because they seek advancement (that's
what most play for on MUDs), a solution to this could maybe be to
make a MUD where killing did not matter for advancement, something I
have considered for a loooong time :o) A completely skill-based
environment might do the job, and would fit great with the idea
behind the eco system.

Hey, you could make a MUD where you only got one life.. ;)

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