[MUD-Dev] in-game vs web-based boards (was: Geometric content generation)

Vincent Archer archer at frmug.org
Thu Oct 4 11:59:44 New Zealand Daylight Time 2001

According to Derek Licciardi:

> A seperate topic could also be, does Dereth Global Positioning
> also give the player an advantage?  Does this system take the
> player out of the immersion factor reducing your game to a large
> scale RTS?  Something tells me that a GPS system in a late 14th
> century-ish game is somewhat out of context.  If it is necessary
> then shouldn't it be an ingame thing instead(a sextant maybe?)?

Well, the DPS does 3 things:

  - Permanently display the current coordinates. You could do this
  with the game client; merely opening the map panel would list
  them. DPS kept the coordinates on screen at all times instead of
  requiring panel switching. Now, the client has a toggle to display
  these coordinates permanently, so it's no longer really useful.

  - Keep track of your corpse location. Whenever you die, the DPS
  made an entry in a log book, so you'd know where your corpse
  dropped, and how much time you had to recover it. Again, the
  client catched up some; when you die, your coordinates are printed
  in your chat log, so you can easily jot them on paper or in

  - Keep a database of "interesting" locations, and sort them
  according to distance from your current point. That's the only
  feature the client doesn't do on its own. And I'm no longer using
  DPS, because it's the one I use the less.

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