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Vincent Archer archer at frmug.org
Sat Oct 6 17:18:45 New Zealand Daylight Time 2001

According to Dave Rickey: (regarding AO)

> It doesn't really have "texture management issues" from what I can
> figure out, it just has too many player-wearable textures.  All
> the texture management tricks in the world can't fit 128 meg of
> texture onto a 32 meg card.

Well, all the texture management tricks in the world can't fit 256M
of textures (which is about what you need at the lowest detail after
20mn gameplay including a city) in the 128M advertised as
"recommended configuration" on the box.

> Maybe now.  For most of the last few months, the best way to gain
> xp was to exploit certain bugs alone.

How many million IPs did you get? :)

> Nope.  We have a built in UI for finding groups, you flag yourself
> as looking for one, group leaders can flag their groups as needing
> additions, both sides can peruse the options available within a
> fairly large radius (basicly the zone you are in plus any
> neighboring zones).  It's *totally* out of context, like some sort
> of wireless web classified system, but so convenient players don't
> even notice.

Until the group leader has forgotten (or never known yet) that the
"Group" chat tab has direct sends disabled by default (see the other

Of course, the very first thing I do when I create a character is
changing these defaults. But that's because I know, because I'm
spending so much time hunting information everywhere.

Aside from that, it's a wonder. All that's lacking is specifying a
range of levels wanted.

> Yeah, I have other issues with the "Uber Mob" concept, but as a
> social building tool it works pretty well.

It's chief problem is that, if you're not heavily social (i.e. like
to associate with large groups of people), you're severely

For DAoC, if the "uber-mob" remains set at a level of 16 people to
defeat, it's not going to be as much a problem.

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