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> There would, of course, be things that prevent your skills from
> atrophying too much.  You don't want to feel like Sisyphys and the
> rock.  My general idea is that your skill increases ratchet as you
> get better -- hey, a hotshot gunslinger is still pretty good even
> if he's put down the six-guns for a year or two (think "Pale
> Rider" =) ).  That way you don't have to worry about completely
> wasting your time.  In the end, the system will strengthen you in
> your activities of choice (the ones that you do the most), and it
> won't completely destroy the activities you've stopped performing
> for a while.

Consider the bike riding analogy.  Before you learn it is difficult.
Once you learn to do it, you can learn tricks and such.  If you put
the bike down and don't ride for years, atrophy will set in, though
the minute you pick up the skill again you should be able to get to
90% of you max skill attained, in pretty short order.  This would
prevent the player from training everything and your balancing point
would be how fast atrophy sets in and how fast a player can recover
the lost skill points when they need the skill.  Not sure it will
work everywhere, but it is a basis for thought.


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