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>>   Scenario 2. The players' characters are part of the ecosystem

>>     Much more interesting but inherently unstable.  The root
>>     problem here is that your ecosystem is no longer closed,
>>     players login and logout and new players join the MUD.  The
>>     fluctuating number of concurrent characters in the game make
>>     it impossible for any sort of equilibrium to be reached. An
>>     interesting question is how one could model evolution and
>>     natural selection in such an environment.

> Oh yes, that would be pretty cool, too!

I tend to think a simple indexed approach like the stock market may
work here.  If the system is indeed not closed and new resources are
being added to the available pie, then why not index it for
inflation, regress the growth and base the system on that math
model?  It seems to work well for money.

Just a thought.

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