[MUD-Dev] Geometric content generation

Hans-Henrik Staerfeldt hhs at cbs.dtu.dk
Mon Oct 8 13:17:38 New Zealand Daylight Time 2001

On Fri, 5 Oct 2001, John Buehler wrote:
> Ian Collyer writes:
>> I think it helps to view this 'content race' problem as a
>> mathematical equation where, in order to meet demand for new
>> content the following must be satisfied:
>>   ContentCreationRate * NoOfDevelopers >= ContentConsumptionRate
>> Rearranging gives:
>>   NoOfDevelopers >= ContentConsumptionRate / ContentCreationRate
>> An interesting point to note is that this is _independent_ of the
>> number of users, which prompts me to question why everyone is
>> discarding option 1 above so quickly. Surely with a sufficiently
>> large paying user base simply increasing the number of developers
>> is a viable option.
> Your units are messed up.  Rate * Number = RateNumber, which is
> not comparable with a Rate.  The number of users is significant.

I think substituting 'ContentCreationRate' with
'ContentCreationRateprDeveloper' will mirror the intent of the

> ContentCreationRate * NumberOfDevelopers >= ContentConsumptionRate
> * NumberOfUsers 

The dependency of the number of users may very well depend on the
type of game.  If the game is build up of a series of more or less
linear quests (Content), and a single users can consume this
contents at a given rate, there is no problem that two users can
consume the same quest on a different server, or even
simultaneously. Also, when user 1 has done quest A and user 2 has
done quest B, they could swap and do the other quest, and so forth.

I feel that assuming that the consumtion rate scales linearly with
the number of users, is equivalent of stating that a quest can be
solved by one user only, and then could be thrown away. That i
cannot see the logic in this.

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