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Bruce Mitchener bruce at puremagic.com
Tue Oct 9 00:27:35 New Zealand Daylight Time 2001

Matt Mihaly wrote:
> On Wed, 3 Oct 2001, Dickinson, Dallas wrote:
>> Has this been done before?  Actual game rules being decided
>> democratically?
> Isn't that how LambdaMoo was/is run?

Was for some years before returning to wizardly fiat.


Scan down for LTAND2 for the return to wizardly fiat.

Although, the changes to LambdaMOO seem to have largely been to
reduce the load on the administrative staff, and in LTAND2, it is
mentioned that:

-- begin quote --
   Part of the need for administrators is also inherent
   in the LambdaMOO security model and the organization
   of LambdaCore, while some of this need is a consequence
   of various quirks of LambdaMOO society (e.g., the
   correspondence between RL identities and MOO identities
   needing to remain secret and yet the need for someone
   to maintain it). While we might consider ways to
   decentralize some of these tasks, the fact remains
   that we simply can't decentralize everything. We are
   still open to your suggestions for ways to decentralize
   what we can.
--- end quote ---

An interesting view on that type of built-in need for an
administrative staff can be found in part of "Living Inside the
(Operating) System":


  "This essay is an attempt to describe and explain the way that an
  unusual (but by no means anomalous) culture has developed under
  the aegis of PMC-MOO, a text-based virtual-reality program that
  runs on a networked Unix workstation. It is also an attempt to
  describe the scholarly and pedagogical trajectory of this program,
  by identifying the conceptual coordinates of its origin."

In this paper, John Unsworth describes the similarity between the
Capitalism, Unix and MOO, as well as a tie back to the principles
that emerged during the French Revolution of entitlement to rights
to equality, liberty, security, property.

  - Bruce

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