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> If you could invent a more internally-consistent set of rules (the
> above scene is technically impossible according to the rules, but
> hey.) and then globally apply it, I think you would have an awful
> lot of fun. Suggest compound penalties to people who use BF in
> game though - in the WoT, increased use of BF tends to pusht the
> world itself towards falling to pieces globally, so people only
> risk it at great personal need. I expect you would want something
> different like an increasing chance of instant permadeath to any
> character using the spell every time they use it.

This is something I played around with, but I figured the players
would not be happy when things finally happened. I made instability
appear on several scales and checked everyone vs. deletion whenever
the spell was cast anywhere. Poofing one person caused everyone else
to be checked at higher risk...which could lead to a player-driven
pwipe once in a while. Heck, I would even make balefile cheaper and
more powerful than other spells just to tempt the players. :)

It's like the idea of finite ecosystems like in the Geometric
Content Generation thread, since you're essentially trying to "farm"
the "Pattern" as much as possible without destroying it. There's
lots of other stuff to do with this idea. There could be characters
who are hired to "heal" the pattern with special magics. Or, perhaps
the pattern is a separate place entirely and it is protected by
"pattern druids" who try to keep it from being unraveled. Or, maybe
there are several spheres of magic and each is linked to a separate
reality (maybe like "elemental planes"), and using "magic" in one
reality causes damage to another reality. This could lead to wars
and assassinations of powerful magicians by agents of these other
realities to stop the destruction by the magicians (who might not
even know that they are hurting another reality), and so forth.


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