Simulation, just how much? (was: RE: [MUD-Dev] Uniqueness of Games)

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Derek Licciardi wrote:
> Ling Lo wrote:

>> On a related note, my favourite definition of realism within
>> games comes from an rpg writer: "Realism is defined as what the
>> player is willing to accept."  A pleasant definition.  I felt
>> this was ...

> Absolutely.  I tend to think we are into the idea of suspending
> disbelief as they do in the movies.

I have to strongly agree with you on this one. We see evidence of
this in Castle Marrach and Galactic Emperor. For instance, each game
of Galactic Emperor is a week long, and ends with either the
election of one of the players as Emperor, or the evil NPCs conquer
the empire. We designed no continuity between the games other than
the player "family" names. We thought that each game would be
thought of as a separate one, yet the players have decided that each
really does follow the other, that every thousand years or so the
Galactic Emperor is assassinated and the evil V'Hurgh attack. It
doesn't make a lot of sense, but that is the consensual reality that
the players want to have.

Related, we are seriously considering that all game play in
Lovecraft Country (a horror game) will take place at night. Day
exists, sort of, but you never really experience it -- that is the
time for classes at Miskatonic University, drudge day jobs, etc. But
when you are playing the game it is evening and your classes and
chores are done. We haven't figured out exactly how to do all this,
but we believe that the players will accept this bending of reality
willingly if we are careful.

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