[MUD-Dev] MMORPG Comparison (UO, EQ, AC, AO, DAoC)

Dave Rickey daver at mythicentertainment.com
Fri Oct 12 10:25:59 New Zealand Daylight Time 2001

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From: Dave Kennerly <Dave at Nexon.com>

> MMORPG Comparison
> Written 10/7/2001 by J.C. Smith

>   http://mmo.gameznet.com/articles/mmorpgcomparison.shtml

I thought it was a pretty fair piece (and not just because we came
out well in it).  He called us on our shortcomings along with the
others, pointed out some stuff we were already pretty sure we needed
to work on.

> P.S. Dave Rickey and others: Congratulations!  Dark Age of Camelot
> released, Tuesday, October 9, 2001.

And going pretty well, so far.  Just about every copy that's hit the
stores so far has gone right out the door, today it should hit the
bulk of the Best Buy's and Wal-Marts, and we'll find out what kind
of legs it's got.

For the most part, it's been anti-climactic, we had one bad crash
Wednesday night, and beyond that nothing much has happened.
Everybody is still crossing their fingers for tonight, we figure if
we make it through the weekend we're pretty much solid.

--Dave Rickey

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