[MUD-Dev] MMORPG Comparison (UO, EQ, AC, AO, DAoC)

John Buehler johnbue at msn.com
Sat Oct 13 02:05:55 New Zealand Daylight Time 2001

Dave Rickey writes:

> For the most part, it's been anti-climactic, we had one bad crash
> Wednesday night, and beyond that nothing much has happened.
> Everybody is still crossing their fingers for tonight, we figure
> if we make it through the weekend we're pretty much solid.

Oh, another point.  Through the grapevine I heard of some players
lobbying for a server that starts all characters at the maximum
level, obviating the need for advancement.  What are your thoughts
on such a server?  I'm fascinated by the possibility of players who
play for story, for socializing, for essentially anything other than
leveling.  Achieving is just fine, but let the achievements fit into
the activity on the server.  Given Dark Age of Camelot's kingdom
structure, it seems like there's plenty to keep the players active
independent of the leveling rat race.

What do folks think would happen if everyone on an EverQuest server
started out at level 60?  I know that my old guild in EverQuest is
pretty much disintegrating because they've all pushed characters up
to level 60 at least one time and the desire to achieve is pretty
well sated.


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