[MUD-Dev] MMORPG Comparison (UO, EQ, AC, AO, DAoC)

Derek Licciardi kressilac at home.com
Sat Oct 13 14:03:50 New Zealand Daylight Time 2001

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> From: Dave Rickey
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> From: Dave Kennerly <Dave at Nexon.com>

>> P.S. Dave Rickey and others: Congratulations!  Dark Age of
>> Camelot released, Tuesday, October 9, 2001.

> And going pretty well, so far.  


I'm playing the game and I enjoy it.  Congrats on the outstanding
launch.  The last one of the big MMORPGs to launch correctly was AC.
Its about time someone got it right.  BTW, I am looking forward to
your post mortem in Game Developer.  (If you're not doing one you
should be...)  Lots of luck and oh do you mind giving my character
about 35 levels.  *chuckle*

a.k.a. Kressilac at Midgard@Galahad

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