[MUD-Dev] MMORPG Comparison (UO, EQ, AC, AO, DAoC)

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Tue Oct 16 23:26:18 New Zealand Daylight Time 2001

According to Daniel.Harman at barclayscapital.com:
> From: John Buehler [mailto:johnbue at msn.com]

>> What do folks think would happen if everyone on an EverQuest
>> server started out at level 60?  I know that my old guild in


> Not an idea I particularly like. It's too hard a game for someone
> to just roll up a high level character and expect to survive. The
> multiplayer nature also means that one idiot can ruin 5 others
> evening, so it would probably complapse in a death spiral of
> ineptitude.

For a small look at what this could mean, have a look at the last
beta days of Firiona Vie (the "rp" server). Where you were created
as a level 30 character.

Now imagine those characters, equipped with their newbie short sword
and guid tunic, with a cleric friend who has the level 1 heal (and
nothing else), trying to survive.

It makes for a world of frustration, as people hunt endlessly low
greens (who, compounded insult, drop no magical items or anything
else, since Firiona Vie is under "trivial loot" rules) to try to get
some cash, or maybe some bronze armor, or, god forbid, maybe a fine
steel weapon.

Then, they start playing.

The DAoC idea of having everything multiplied by 10 (XP, cash drop,
and probability of item drops) was a lot better.

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