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> A good starting point for information on HLA itself is at

>   http://www.dmso.mil/hla

>      The High Level Architecture (HLA) is a general purpose
>      architecture for simulation reuse and interoperability.  The
>      HLA was developed under the leadership of the Defense
>      Modeling and Simulation Office (DMSO) to support reuse and
>      interoperability across the large numbers of different types
>      of simulations developed and maintained by the DoD. The HLA
>      Baseline Definition was completed on August 21, 1996.

When I first discovered HLA half a year ago (whilst searching out
standards relevant to MMOGs and MMOG engines) I was really excited
(given the credentials of the people who designed and use it). Then
I started reading the in-depth papers released by the US DoD (or
whichever goverment/military body oversees such
things). Unfortunately, the IEEE standard is not available for free
(despite repeated attempts to find a way of accessing it freely -
I've become used to the RFC way of doing things). Of the documents I
could find that were freely available, I was rapidly disappointed by
the fact that the vast majority seemed to be about non-development,
non-systems-design stuff. Instead it seemed to be about how to
manage large projects and personnel management and so on. I was very
confused, given that the abstracts I found seemed to refer to much
more development/design-focussed activities, and assumed all
probably made sense to people who had IEEE
standards-subscriptions. In the end, the only things I could find
were very very high level descriptions of program design and data
representation - pretty close to saying "you have these things
called objects, which are instances of classes" at which point I
gave up on finding anything useful in the HLA.

I'm well aware that I probably missed something, or made a wrong
choice when drilling down through the documents (there seems to be a
lot of them out on the web, some on military sites, some on
govermental sites, some on defense contractors sites), so if anyone
has found some more interesting papers/documentation/websites
devoted to HLA I for one would love to hear about them!

Adam M
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