[MUD-Dev] Connection Stats

Ben Tolputt bjt at pmp.com.au
Wed Oct 17 15:46:42 New Zealand Daylight Time 2001

I'm working on a thesis idea for Computer Engineering in regards to
Virtual World Server Performance and reasons for having
geographically distributed Servers. At this point in time, I'm
looking at the bandwidth and processing requirements of these
virtual world servers; more to the point - how many users can be
simultaneously served (on average) while maintaining decent (read:
interactive) ping/lag rates.

I pursuing hard numbers if possible - but soft ones
(ie. 'guesstimate') will have to suffice. While I'm primarily after
the more popular graphical MMO server statistics - all figures are
welcomed (and are in fact begged for :-) ).

The stats I'd like to obtain would be:

  1. Number of Simultaneous Connections servable

  2. Number of Physical Servers used (ie. multiple servers
  processing different zones, areas, etc.)

  3. Connection Protocol (TCP, UDP, custom combination?)

  4. Average load per user - this one is a 'fuzzy' value as it tries
  to take into account collision detection, mobile AI/script
  execution, etc.

  5. General information sent to/from the client - obviously not
  exact protocols.

I already know this is vague, I'm trying to clean it up as I go
along... not the best method so I've been told :-)

B.J.Tolputt Analyst Programmer

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