[MUD-Dev] Proposed Law

Freeman Freeman
Thu Oct 18 16:18:44 New Zealand Daylight Time 2001

> From: John Buehler [mailto:johnbue at msn.com]

> I'm not assuming those things.  They are non sequitors.  I can
> only repeat myself: if the entertainment of your game is
> destruction, players look to destroy things instead of interact
> with them.  The reuse of the content is only entertaining when
> there are a bunch of different variables in how the object gets
> destroyed.  My point is that there is far greater bang for the
> buck from content that interacts with other content - without any
> destruction taking place.

So you're saying that players shouldn't be able to destroy things?

> If an NPC is killed, it shouldn't reappear.  That causes players
> to consider the impact of their actions.  Just as burning the ship
> should make them stop and think.  They should value the ship as a
> source of entertainment, not as a pile of timbers to form a big
> bonfire with.

Oh, so players *should* be able to destroy things?

Seriously, I'm not sure I follow the logic.  You can only destroy a
castle once, but if you're game focuses on exploring rather than
destroying...  er... well, you can only "discover" that castle once,

Either way, on an per-player basis, the content is "consumed".
Whether it is consumed by exploration or by destruction.  Or heck, I
can't destroy it until I discover it, so that seems like the best of
both worlds. :P

Having it repop so that other people can also discover and destroy
it is not something I've ever liked a whole bunch, but I gather for
different reasons that yours.  For me it's strictly a matter of
internal consistency - making games that work mostly very much like
the real world, except then with some very much Not like the real
world things tossed in (mobs repopping, say).

I get the impression I would like your game a lot, but for all the
wrong reasons. :)
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