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Derek Licciardi kressilac at home.com
Fri Oct 19 23:15:13 New Zealand Daylight Time 2001

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> From: Dave Rickey

> Our beta testers told us what was broken, we fixed it.  They told
> us what they didn't like, we changed it.  They whined, we ignored
> it, they provided data and they got results.  Several tens of
> thousands of iterations of that, all with minimal overhead, and
> the result was a successful launch.  If we'd tried to document
> every single step of that, we'd all be filling out paperwork for
> the next 3 years.

Having taken part in your beta I can attest to the quality of it.
It was impressive and I rather enjoyed trying to figure out if the
people in charge of each class were actually employees of Mythic.
The level of power you handed to your beta testers was unheard of in
this industry.  Like everyone else, I wish there was more content at
launch, (I have completed every quest possible for my character's
level) though due to the good job during the beta, I am giving you
slack for all the reasons you mentioned. Again congrats on the
successful launch.

On a flip side, thanks for raising the bar on me should my future
MMORPG get out the door anytime soon.  Because you folks did it
right, I think users might be looking for it to be done right and
have all the content in place next time.

Kressilac at Midgard@Galahad

ps When do you think you guys will give us poor Scalds icons that
mean something for our spells.  Currently they are all the same no
matter the effect.

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