[MUD-Dev] Players Controlling Monsters

David H. Loeser Jr. daklozar at home.com
Sat Oct 20 17:34:00 New Zealand Daylight Time 2001

Brian Hook writes:

>  Let players control monsters.

We are leaning towards this to some degree. Let me explain...

We wanted to be able to create a game (simulation?) that would allow
a player, if he chooses, to murder another player. In an effort to
keep the game realistic (in a sense) we wanted to illiminate the
serial killer (or the indiscriminant player killer).

So, we started work on a system that would allow a player to kill
other players, but each time the player commits murder they would
start a spiraling decay of their character and eventually would
become a 'monster'.  A player controlled NPC/MOB. The player would
have the ability to reverse the process by performing some "good"
deeds or a quest of some sort. We haven't yet decided if the player
could get to an irreversible point in the evoloution - Although, I
personally think it would be a deterant to rampant PK'ing, I'm not
sure you can justify it when someone is paying $10.00+ a month to
play a game.

There would probably be some players that would enjoy playing as a
'monster' - or a creature that other players would hunt. Again,
personally I think this could be very fun; A whole clan of
'monsters' (human controlled) storming a village... think of the
posibilities! If you gave the 'monsters' an economy and a reason to
play other than prey for other players (although, they would
definatly be that - conversly the 'non-monsters' are prey too), I
think it would be interesting - I would definatly have to play a
'monster' at least once.

Are we going to include this in our game? Don't know. Would it be
fun? I think so... but what do you think? Ideals on this matter are

David "Dak Lozar" Loeser

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