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From: Michael Tresca <talien at toast.net>
> Dave Rickey posted on Thursday, October 18, 2001 8:34 PM

>> AO and WW2O hit the market like a 1-2 punch, *everyone* expected
>> Camelot's launch to be a mess.  Almost every time I saw Camelot
>> being discussed on the boards of other games before the last
>> month of beta, it was in the context of "Maybe a few weeks after
>> they launch, if the game lasts that long and doesn't suck."  The
>> players were, by and large, incredibly gunshy and a bad few days
>> at launch could have set us back months.

> This makes me think that (not to take away from the incredible
> quality of your team) some part of the DAoC's success is timing.
> As I said, players have had a very high level of tolerance for
> bugs in MMORPGs to date.  Then AO and WW2O came out and we finally
> (blessedly) found that there is a limit to that tolerance.

'd be lying if I said I didn't think it was a factor.  If those
problems put us "under the gun" to come out with a stable game at
release, they also bottled up a lot of demand for the first game to
come out that didn't have the same problems.  A lot of the
unexpected and unprecedented growth in demand for the game in the
last two weeks before release had to be coming from beta-tester
reports of how stable the game was.

--Dave Rickey

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