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Paul Dahlke PaulD at activate.net
Mon Oct 22 14:03:35 New Zealand Daylight Time 2001

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> From: Dave Rickey

> Our beta testers told us what was broken, we fixed it.  They told
> us what they didn't like, we changed it.  They whined, we ignored
> it, they provided data and they got results.  Several tens of
> thousands of iterations of that, all with minimal overhead, and
> the result was a successful launch.  If we'd tried to document
> every single step of that, we'd all be filling out paperwork for
> the next 3 years.

How does the testing effort transition when the product is release?

Does it just take place on a test server?

There are no more beta testers and just paying customers.  While
some paying customers may feel they are still beta testers, treating
all paying customers as such is probably is not a good idea.

Even without a testing\QA staff numerous functions must be done by
someone.  Just updating a dozen or more servers with the latest
build entails an amount of risk that is usually worth a testing\QA
pass, for example.

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