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Dave Rickey daver at mythicentertainment.com
Tue Oct 23 15:01:54 New Zealand Daylight Time 2001

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From: Paul Dahlke <PaulD at activate.net>
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>> Our beta testers told us what was broken, we fixed it.  They told
>> us what they didn't like, we changed it.  They whined, we ignored
>> it, they provided data and they got results.  Several tens of
>> thousands of iterations of that, all with minimal overhead, and
>> the result was a successful launch.  If we'd tried to document
>> every single step of that, we'd all be filling out paperwork for
>> the next 3 years.

> How does the testing effort transition when the product is
> release?

> Does it just take place on a test server?

I'll let you know after we figure it out.

> There are no more beta testers and just paying customers.  While
> some paying customers may feel they are still beta testers,
> treating all paying customers as such is probably is not a good
> idea.

> Even without a testing\QA staff numerous functions must be done by
> someone.  Just updating a dozen or more servers with the latest
> build entails an amount of risk that is usually worth a testing\QA
> pass, for example.

Right now, the direction we're moving is towards retaining the Team
Leads and their testing teams as our channel for feedback.  It will
be selective and voluntary, a subcommunity of around 200 or so
people with special access to the development team, enough to get
all the feedback we need, but a small enough number to be managable.


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