[MUD-Dev] Proposed Law

Madman Across the Water burra at alum.rpi.edu
Thu Oct 25 13:53:10 New Zealand Daylight Time 2001

Paul Schwanz wrote:

> But wouldn't it be interesting if cows didn't respawn?  I could
> kill it and get 5p for the meat now, or I could try to keep it
> alive and come back periodically to milk it.
> What if I could own a house with a few acres, build a fenced in
> area, put a cow and bull together, and breed them, while trying to
> keep the wolves from stealing calves?  I'd probably milk some,
> breed others, kill a few from time to time, and hunt down any
> wolves I spotted nearby...and I'd probably still be playing AC.

Unfortunately, it would have lasted until some griefer came and
killed all your cows... and all the cows in the world. Or just a lot
of short-sighted people, all going for the 5p right off, figuring
someone else will keep a cow alive somewhere, I need money now!  And
then, no more cows.

It's the ecosystem problem that comes up time and again. Unless
there is some external way to reintroduce, say, cows to the system
(respawning, usually), then players almost definately _will_ make
them extinct.

Adam B
Madman Across the Water - POLdev

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