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> Depends on your expecations, its kind of light in hand generated
> dungeon/city type content etc, also the magic seems to lack
> diversity.  Splitting the world into three means they have their
> work cut out too, as you are only likely to see 1/3rd of the
> content. I think EQ may be the only one able to work so hard on
> content, and that's probably why its my favourite.

By that standard, EQ was equally incomplete, if not more so (there
was almost no post-35 content in EQ at launch).  EQ's had 2.5 years
to build up their content, so the comparison is not completely fair.

Nonetheless, the fact is we have to compete with what EQ is *now*,
not what it was at launch, and if we didn't have advantages in other
areas we'd be in rough shape.  I can see the day coming when trying
to enter an existing MMOG market costs several tens of millions,
simply because of the raised bar for content, and the lengthy
testing that content will require.  > >I think its time to jettison

Been there, done that, got the T-Shirt.  When it's railroad time,
we'll railroad, the world is not yet ready for the MMOFPS.


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