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Koster Koster
Thu Oct 25 20:33:58 New Zealand Daylight Time 2001

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> From: John Buehler
> I don't recall saying that mainstream gamers aren't interested in
> violence.  I'm trying to suggest that games that place violence in
> balance with many other avenues of pursuit will produce the
> greatest entertainment value.  The original tenet, which was badly
> presented by me, is that games that are predicated on violence and
> destruction are discarding a vast potential in entertainment.  We
> have yet to begin to do anything with this genre in the pursuit of
> providing entertainment.

Well, even most TV shows which are predicated on sex and violence
have more to them than that. I think that generally speaking, the
thing that people seem to want in the entertainment is some degree
of context. We value a hero all the more because, say, he's working
through a painful relationship, and proves his desire to keep it
alive by engaging in the violent behavior (Die Hard), for
example. We like *contextualized* sex and violence.

Most sex in muds is nicely contextualized. Most violence isn't.

> Then again, maybe I'm not even thinking of a MUD.  Maybe it's
> something else entirely.

No, you're thinking of muds, alright.

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