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> The fact that current games are dominated by violence has no
> bearing at all on what those 5 billion humans want who currently
> do not play games.  Even if you ignore the approximately 4.5
> billion people with no regular access to internat games you will
> find that of the entire population of both Europe and the USA (and
> no, I have not forgotten Japan, Australia or any number of other
> countries), hardly anybody is particularly interested in
> violence. Chat is so much more popular than games that there
> really is no comparison.

Chat is mostly about sex. ;)

Seriously, though, practically any form of entertainment is about
sex and violence, if you want to look at basic building blocks. It's
just they are contextualized into love, yearning, jealousy, pride,
coming of age, patriotism, whatever.

If you took out all the sex and all the violence, you wouldn't have
very many movies, books, or TV shows.

While we're bemoaning the lack of maturity in the field, we need not
to miuss the forest for the trees. It's not too much sex and
violence that is the problem. It's that it's SHALLOW sex and
violence. This is why we decry casual PKing, why we snicker at
puerile tinysex logs. And why we get excited to hear of the
possibility for meaningful PvP or get defensive about the "reality"
of online relationships.

If we want to go on a crusade to fix something, how about we fix the
fact that your average cartoon does a better job at portraying the
human condition than our games do?

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