[MUD-Dev] Digimask Technology.

Matt Owen MOwen at Channel4.co.uk
Fri Nov 2 09:20:29 New Zealand Daylight Time 2001

Reading this article on BBC News online, about scanning in your
facial features:


Basically as we all know, it's not a new idea, but Digimask are
trying to put the technology in the hands of most computer
users. The article cites games like Quake as the obvious use, but
personally I feel that games wise, it would be more beneficial in 3d
MMORPGs, providing truly unique characters, and enabling other
players to actually 'recognise' people they've met before.

Now, my main concern is that a common standards for 'head files' may
not get established, thus forcing the user to continually scan in
their profiles for each game.

Surely before too many developers start running with this, some sort
of working group should be set up to establish a common file format,
along with standard storage locations, security to protect your
'identity'... I'm sure I'm not even covering half the issues here.

Someone I've already discussed this with, has suggested the concept
of a central 'head' server and you can tell your applications that
your 'head file' is accessible via a URL. I'm not so sure that's
required though, as your 'head file' would be relatively small, and
could be uploaded onto the server on first connect and then
distributed to other players. With some sort of version tracking,
unnecessary downloads can be avoided.

It really would be a shame to see such a great idea ruined by
incompatible implementations.


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