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Daniel.Harman at barclayscapital.com Daniel.Harman at barclayscapital.com
Fri Nov 2 10:54:48 New Zealand Daylight Time 2001

> From: Marian Griffith [mailto:gryphon at iaehv.nl]
> Well, not the chat channels that I (have) visit(ed), but then
> again I might be a bit more discriminating than most :)

Where does the original assertion here come from anyway? My
experience tallys with Marian not Raph. I confess to not having
played any pure text mud for more than a week, but the graphical
mass market ones don't seem to have this focus on sex. Most of my
chat is with guild mates, and its more about game politics/events
than sex. Sure, I've metaphorically walked in on people cybering or
whatever it is they get up to (heh, even recieved the odd mistell),
but its surely not all that pervasive. Yes, people joke about risque
subjects, but no more than my colleagues do at work.

If people want sex, there are probably better places than in game?

(I probably ought to confess that I find in game marriages very odd
too.  Perhaps my outlook is pretty blinkered.)

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