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> I just played DAoC for the first time since release last night,
> and met some npc droning on about some ghosts. After reading
> paragraphs of uninteresting text, it dawned on me that this wasn't
> even leading up to a quest, it was just spam. Even if its creating
> back story, this piece meal fashion that EQ and DAoC are trying
> just doesn't work for me. It's like being given a novel written on
> index cards, but only having 1% of the stack whilst a load of
> people you don't know have the rest. Perhaps I'm wrong and there
> are people who enjoy running up to every npc and clicking on them?

Actually, instead of a novel on index cards, why not consider it
people watching? It's a valid form of entertainment. Granted, it's
nowhere near the real thing. But if you're walking along, or sitting
in a pub, and hear something that makes ya chuckle?

Of course, in a graphical game, you have to go click on it, like you
said, but that's a limitation in the medium, not in the mechanism.


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