[MUD-Dev] Call for submissions to Game Programming Gems 3

Andrew Kirmse akirmse at pacbell.net
Mon Nov 5 09:20:41 New Zealand Daylight Time 2001

Some of you may have heard of the Game Programming Gems series of
books.  The concept is similar to the classic Graphics Gems series,
but these are focused on techniques for real-time games.  The third
volume, due out next year, is going to include a chapter on network
and online games, which I will be editing.

If you have a technique to share, especially if it's been proven in
an existing game, please consider writing a short (2-15 page)
article about it.  Submissions are due THIS FRIDAY November 9, and
articles will be due January 15.  Authors will receive royalties
based on the book's sales.

I know that many people on this list have expert knowledge about
building technology for online games.  Please share it!

You can read more about the books or make a submission here:


---Andrew Kirmse

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