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>> On Monday, November 5, 2001, at 07:48 AM, Hans-Henrik Staerfeldt

>>> Well, the difference is that the simple respawn approach does
>>> not let the players affect the respawn frequency. The trick is
>>> to model the respawn frequency correctly (or, rather
>>> convincingly) based on the preassure (read kills) the players
>>> (or other simulated races) make on the race.

> Or perhaps introduce nature's microbes which feed off the
> decomposing corpses and infect the players in a truely horrible
> manner that would stop them making that mistake again.  All that
> blood flying everywhere should be a good enough vector for the
> organism.

If you go to fish, and get nothing, go again, and get nothing, soon
you'll stop going. A game that is based on killing for advancement
will soon be empty, or only support a very small population [if
you're trying to model the ecosystem].

Diseases will work similarly. Though we have disease code, it seems
to work to the detriment of the game in 3 specific ways:

    - Players are less likely hang in public areas, to avoid

    - Diseases can be used to provide some measure of grief-play.

    - Monsters or areas that give diseases are shunned, compared to
    areas where the prevalence is much less.

This is with the ability to cure diseases, races that are immune to
some forms, or carriers, some diseases not being transmittable,
others do, an overall low rate of diseases, and more.

In any case, having diseases that infect players to the point where
it limits overfishing or overhunting, will probably solve the
problem by reducing the playerbase, like a lack of game or fish


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