[MUD-Dev] "sweeping change"?

Sellers Sellers
Tue Nov 13 20:35:33 New Zealand Daylight Time 2001

Raph wrote:

> Don't get me wrong. I have great fondness for tabletop RPGing. I
> grew up on them. I love playing them. But I don't see "sweeping
> change to the world of online gaming" arising from them. Not from
> chat software, and in my cynical moments, not from Neverwinter
> Nights either (much as I look forward to that game, and much as I
> respect and like the guys making it).
> Am I just too cynical at a young age?

Not this time.  I really enjoy table-top gaming too, from Settlers
of Catan to D&Dv3 these days.  But paper RPG games are today's buggy
whips: no one but deeply insular aficionados know or care about
them.  GAMA conventions are sad, lonely halls of people barely
hanging on to their dreams and trying not to think about their
second mortgages and print runs of 5000 that may not sell.

And if we're not careful, online RPGs could conceivably go the same
way, recent sales and subscriber numbers notwithstanding.  We are
inward-looking to the point that many of us don't even realize what
it is to *not* be this way.  I think that's where a lot of "sweeping
change" type comments come from, and I think it shows how out of
touch with the gaming public we can become.

Mike Sellers
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