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Koster Koster
Thu Nov 15 07:31:05 New Zealand Daylight Time 2001

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>>>> If we want to go on a crusade to fix something, how about we
>>>> fix the fact that your average cartoon does a better job at
>>>> portraying the human condition than our games do?
>> For that matter -- what is "the human condition"?  Is there only
>> *one* "human condition"?
>> To me, the very phrase, "the human condition", reeks of
>> projecting your own values and morals onto others.  It's like
>> "the meaning of life" -- there are lots of different people who
>> will tell you that life means a lot of different things.  By the
>> same token, I can imagine quite a number of "human conditions".

> Yet online games do not manage to portray even one of these many
> human conditions, which is what the original argument was about.

I think we do OK at a few of them. We're not bad at most of the
Deadly Sins.  We're not so good at the virtues. We're pretty crappy
at things that aren't black and white, perhaps because so many of us
in the genre are focused on games or on highly stylized
environments, or perhaps because computers themselves are fairly bad
at analog situations.


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