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Dr. Cat cat at realtime.net
Mon Nov 19 04:00:15 New Zealand Daylight Time 2001

> From: Andrew Wilson <andrew at aaaaaaaa.demon.co.uk>
> The choice of what is and is not a mud, for the sake of the
> survey, is biased against sites with novel architectures.  A place
> like HabboHotel (about 500+ users) or Furcadia (1000+ nowadays?) 
> don't appear because I don't know how to contact their servers and
> extract this information; to be honest I didn't try very hard...

The simplest way nowadays to tell how many people are on Furcadia is
to go to www.furcadia.com and look.  Our other programmer did a
script that updates the page every minute or so I think - more
efficient to execute code only that often than to have a page
running a script every time another web surfer comes to visit.  :X)

We peak at 1200-1300 these days.  I'd Average usage over the course
of a 24 hour period would be perhaps 500-600 on a weekday, more like
750 on a saturday or sunday.  It looks like for the last week the
average has been 602.25 users.  I don't know who that .25 of a
person is, maybe it's Herve Villechaize or something.  :X)

Regarding the "human condition" - I think we see rather a lot of it,
something to do with not trying to shove a "game" or a "story" in
there too much, just putting people in with some tools and seeing
what happens.  I could tell some pretty amazing stories about things
that've happened in and around Furcadia.  Someday I'll have to write
a book or something.

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