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Sellers Sellers
Tue Nov 20 10:27:10 New Zealand Daylight Time 2001

Dave Rickey wrote:

> ... I not only don't see any signs that it is possible to tell a
> story in a "multi-protagonist, self-directed environment", I don't
> see any real indication that's what players want.  Our stories
> suck or are non-existant, yet people play, obviously they aren't
> playing to be told a story.  Why *should* we look for a way to do
> something there's no sign we should even care about?

How many people play games without story?  No non-storied online
game (even those online games that claim to have story elements) has
gotten more than about 10% of the number of people who have played
Myst.  Sure it was static and lonely, but it had a story that
literally millions of people found to be compelling -- to say
nothing of the tens and hundreds of millions of people who regularly
turn to other forms of entertainment in which the sole common
denominator is story.

> I don't see players asking for stories, rather they ask for the
> world to be made to seem more "real" and stories are the only form
> of that they've ever known.

Depends who you're listening to: the few who play now, or the many
who don't.

Mike Sellers
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