[MUD-Dev] Role-Playing Games Are Not Dead

Ryan S. Dancey ryand at organizedplay.com
Wed Nov 21 01:17:40 New Zealand Daylight Time 2001

> From: Dave Rickey [mailto:daver at mythicentertainment.com]

>>   * He estimates that Baldur's Gate sold to 1 million
>>   individuals.

> And ignores that Diablo II sold to 2.7 million.

I don't consider Diablo an RPG.

> They use an extremely elastic definition of "Tabletop RPG", that
> includes CCG's and LARP.

No, we used a very specific definition that absolutely excluded
everything that wasn't a tabletop RPG.  There are several million
more people who play TCGs every month on top of the RPG people.

> It's all proceeding from a false (as least questionable)
> assumption, apparently the statement of which triggered the
> thread: That OLRPG's are competing with table-top games.  They
> don't, in any meaningful sense beyond the idea that all forms of
> entertainment are chasing the same consumer dollar.

I completely agree with that statement.  You'd be surprised at how
entrenched the conventional wisdom that computer games and tabletop
games compete is though.

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