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Thu Nov 22 18:22:06 New Zealand Daylight Time 2001

At 09:35 AM 22/11/01 -0800, Brian Hook <brianhook at>

> Some PnP/fictional settings that are niche but would still be
> worthwhile to license simply for the background material include:

>   - Agone
>   - Talislanta
>   - Earthdawn
>   - Deadlands
>   - Tekumel (Empire of the Petal Throne)
>   - Harn
>   - Traveller (any edition)
>    - Skyrealms of Jorune
>   - Glorantha (Hero Wars/RQ)
>   - Star Frontiers
>   - Gamma World
>   - the second-tier White Wolf stuff, such as Wraith, Hunter, or Mage

>   - Vance's Dying Earth or Planet of Adventure
>   - Aldiss' Helliconia
>   - Wolf's Executioner series
>   - Moorcock's Elric

Just for the sake of information, some of these have been picked up
in recent years.  A couple of years ago, Glorantha was used for a
cool little game called King of Dragon Pass.  Auran was working with
Harn although that may be on hold, someone picked up Deadlands a few
months ago, Interplay has a Hunter console game, Mage and Werewolf
games were in the works but were cancelled, and I think a similar
fate befell an Elric game.

Also from the tabletop realm, Mythic used Rolemaster rules for
Spellbinder and was using it for Camelot until they were forced to
change through no fault of their own.


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