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Fri Nov 23 10:22:38 New Zealand Daylight Time 2001

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From: Richard Aihoshi aka Jonric <jonric at vaultnetwork.com>

> Just for the sake of interest, we ran a poll about this on RPG
> Vault a few months ago.  The methodology is questionable, as is
> the case for any similar Internet poll, but here's how the results
> tallied among a respondent base that is presumably completely or
> almost completely comprised of CRGP and/or MMORPG fans since
> that's all we cover:
> To what extent do you consider the Diablo titles to be CRPGs?

>                  -Slightly - 34.6%
>                  -Not at all - 25.4%
>                  -Moderately - 24.2%
>                  -Quite a bit - 9.1%
>                  -Completely - 6.4%
>                  Total Votes 1044

Which begs the question "Did they buy it?"  Many people describe
Deus Ex as an RPG, even though it lacks most of the trappings of one
and was marketed as a shooter.  Many say Diablo is not an RPG even
though it was marketed as one and has all the expected features of
one.  Myself, I don't like Diablo *or* the Final Fantasy series, and
don't consider them my kind of RPG, but they are the most successful
titles in the genre, and for many the only ones they have ever
played.  The majority of players out there don't care about labels,
they just know what they find fun.

--Dave Rickey

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