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Freeman Freeman
Mon Nov 26 08:17:22 New Zealand Daylight Time 2001

> From: Brian Hook [mailto:brianhook at]

> I would gladly pick up the Traveller computer game rights (for a
> reasonable price) even if it was only 2000 potential customers,
> simply because the source material is so expansive.

<EdNote: Copy below>

1 May 2000 - Playnet Announces On-Line Multiplayer Traveller
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This is an excerpt from the Playnet press release which may be found
at This excerpt was originally posted to the
Traveller Mailing List.

CRS [Cornered Rat Software, a division of Playnet] also acquired the
exclusive license to develop and publish the online massively
multi-player game version for the book-based Sci-Fi role-playing
game known worldwide as Traveller. The Traveller rule set, which was
originally created by Marc Miller in the late 1970s, has been played
worldwide by millions of avid fans for more than two decades.

With these projects, CRS is taking the development of massively
multiplayer RPG's to a higher level with their multiple-platform
design and implementation of an assortment of never-before-seen
features for both the Traveller universe and the huge fantasy world
within Kharduum. Both titles will employ the state of the art Unity
3D Engine developed by Cornered Rat Software which allows
simultaneous game play in three separate geophysical dimensions
land, sea and air.
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