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For those that might be interested....


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> AVATARS 2001: A CyberSpace Odyssey
> is coming this weekend, December 1-2, 2001
> *************************************************

> Location: Virtual Worlds in CyberSpace and at locations around the
> world See your steps to attending the event and event schedules
> for both days at:

>   http://www.ccon.org/conf01/index.html

> Have Avatar Will Travel!  Join us on a real CyberSpace Odyssey:
> AVATARS 2001 this weekend, Saturday December 1st through Sunday
> December 2nd. This will be our sixth annual Avatars event. We
> started this series at the ANA Hotel in San Francisco back in '96
> and moved fully into Cyberspace in 1998. This year we are pushing
> the envelope again with new technology (bots like you have never
> seen them), new platforms (the brand new Adobe Atmosphere), some
> great art, worlds, speakers, exhibits, and a bigger, badder Avvy
> Awards.

> This year we have four platforms participating:

> 1. Adobe Atmosphere (www.adobe.com/products/atmosphere), with an
> interplanetary journey to the new worlds in the Atmosphere galaxy
> and an Avatar Fashion Show (Saturday Dec 1st).

> 2. Active Worlds (www.activeworlds.com) with their citizens'
> whimsical parody treatment of Kubrick's 1968 film 2001: A Space
> Odyssey on Sunday Dec 2nd.  See exhibits, art show, cams of the
> world, and the Avvy Awards at this event.  In addition, the
> parallel VLearn3D 2001 conference "Knowledge Spaces & Information
> Landscapes" will take place on Saturday Dec 1st in the Active
> Worlds AWEDU universe (see www.vlearn3d.org).

> 3. Traveler (www.onlive.com) with some amazing voice-powered
> spaces for the event, courtesy of OzGate and World Wide Party
> (Saturday the 1st).

> 4. The Palace (www.thepalace.com) returns with their annual 24
> Hours on the Palace event on Friday dovetailing into AV2001 on
> Saturday the 1st.

> So I would like to invite you, on behalf of our wonderful AV2001
> team, to participate as an exhibitor, contributing artist, webcam
> streamer, speaker, social volunteer, builder, avatar maker or just
> plain participant. We hope to see you in the various event worlds
> over the weekend of December 1-2nd, 2001.

> Contact Consortium Homepage:
> http://www.ccon.org

> Past Consortium Events:
> http://www.ccon.org/events/

> Contact:
> Bruce Damer
> Co-Director
> Contact Consortium (www.ccon.org)
> bdamer at ccon.org

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