[MUD-Dev] Stories, why?

Ian Collyer i.collyer at ntlworld.com
Fri Nov 30 10:28:56 New Zealand Daylight Time 2001

I must admit to being completely baffled by all the recent
discussions on story telling.

When I play a MUD I don't want to be told a story, or to tell a
story, I want the ability to live a life very different to my own in
a virtual world.

Real life has much more to offer us as a model for MUDs than books,
movies or theatre.

Of course I want my stay to be entertaining, and I love admin
injected events for the variety they bring, but only as far as they
are subject to the same game mechanics that I am. If they are in any
way immune to my interacting with them, especially if they have a
set storyline that will be followed regardless of my actions, then
they are a huge turn-off for me.

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