[MUD-Dev] Asheron's Call, Story and Population Density.

Sasha Hart Sasha.Hart at directory.reed.edu
Fri Nov 30 18:36:25 New Zealand Daylight Time 2001

[Christopher Kohnert]:

> While increasing player-player interaction is always good. I think
> that there lies more potential in a player-group based
> interaction.

I think grouping must boil down to a big list of pairwise
interactions: If John yells,"Hi"- what that really means is that
everyone in the Red Eagle clan hears John (that is, Mary hears John,
James hears John, etc.)

This is a terminological disagreement, if any at all. I certainly
agree that groups can be made to create a richer kind of interaction
than simply bumping into someone and trading animal parts.

I think the approach of setting up more elaborate structures which
make occasions for interaction and control their content (e.g. a
corporation putting out an open ad for new employees to apply
resulting in people working together,a guild structure wherein
multiple people's welfare depends on the same commodities resulting
in them working together to protect those, a quest wherein multiple
people are drawn into conflict over the same resource, etc.) is one
very good concept for making interaction meaningful (or useful or
whatever you like) and not just frequent.

I'm not interested in claiming that my outline was a complete
taxonomy of useful techniques in social play. Rather, I'd like to
claim that it makes more sense to worry about the quality of
interaction (e.g. by employing techniques such as what you outlined)
than things which will probably just affect the quantity of
encounter (e.g. population density.)

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